network + __________ is a German-Japanese exhibition project, which shows networked practices between disciplines and cultures. The artists are active in border areas between fine art and applied art, aditionally between digital technology and physical objects. In their work, they explore a reappraisal of current ideas and networking of jewelry, textiles and fashion.

SCHMIDTTAKAHASHI shows with COLLECTION 101 “reanimation” of used clothes that are archived using RFID chips. Through its digital archiving system, the connection between the origin of the garments and their new owners will be shown. Through this network receives the collection its own subjective value resulting from the history of the garment.

Schlömer shows the process of the physical and virtual project Schalalala!, which moves between digital and physical reproduction Remix. Existing Scarfs are ‘remixed’ to new message, and then re-knitted. The resulting knitted by numerous contributions methodology is taught in workshops and extended. In open production process in cooperation with Japanese art students is a networked, conceptual thinking, disclosed and offered for participation.

Ogawa shows her new project, Jewelry Hunting, which is positioned a extended concept of jewelry. Instead of producing objects, the artist takes the aesthetic potential of everyday life, which are mapped by random light reflections in their environment and archived photographs. The resulting collection will be disclosed on a Web site, which viewers to explore and complete.

The exhibition is an open, communicative platform. Visitors are invited to actively participate in the projects. SCHMIDTTAKAHASHI invite you to participate in their clothing archive, Schlömer shows a conceptual approach to textile techniques such as knitting, Ogawa initiated by web / mobile services in an environment of Hunting Jewellery exhibition space. Moreover, local actors to guest articles (such as concerts, cooking performances and readings) will be invited to the exhibition space.

The practical contributions in the exhibition is for visitors so visible, what conceptual thinking in the work – about their superficial “beauty” beyond – is based. The open and interconnected, “Berlin-typical” works of the artists and designers will thereby expanding the dialogue between Berlin and Kyoto.

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